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Delete Unused Plugins & Themes
Everyone loves to try out new WordPress themes and plugins, however, many forget to uninstall the ones they don’t end up using. That’s why plugins often make up the biggest share of unnecessary clutter on WordPress websites.

Besides making WordPress harder to use, they can also seriously diminish site performance. Plus, out-of-date themes and plugins are one of the major reasons WordPress websites get hacked.

Time to take the broom to them.

As the next step in your WordPress WorkOut, take some serious stock of everything you have installed on your site.

Go through all plugins and themes and consider whether they are actually necessary. If they’re not, remove them

Even with plugins that you do use but only occasionally, it’s a good idea to at least deactivate them in order to cut down on the amount of code that your site needs to load.

On the same note, running the Plugin Performance Profiler will enable you to find performance hogs so you can get rid of them or replace them with less resource hungry

If you are anything like the average WordPress user, this step alone should seriously remove some clutter from your site and help speed things up.