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The principals behind creating content pages are simple. All you have to do is frequently create content that offers value to your readers. How this works gets a bit more complicated but essentially this content:

  • Solves a search query (which is the reason Google still exists)
  • Tells Google this website is active
  • Attracts bloggers and businesses to link to your content on their website
  • Demonstrate the content depth and breadth of your site

When creating content pages, the more frequent the better. In saying this make sure the amount of content you are generating is sustainable. Google doesn’t want to see you dump content on your users one month then leave them dry the next. Volume is important, but consistency and quality of content make a large difference.

The goal of this content should be to solve a query your customers may have in its entirety. For example, if you own a roofing company and someone searches “metal roof vs tiles” your post should compare these two in great enough detail that the user is satisfied.

We compare two examples in the video and it is clear the difference quality and frequent content makes to your Google ranking. While you’re creating content for your website to boost your Google ranking we’ll keep you posted on the newest marketing tips and tricks so you can keep the leads coming.


Hey, it’s Beau here from SBIM so let’s have a look at some content pages and how they can help boost your Google search ranking.

So if we have a look here at “colourbond verse tile roofing” on Google, you can see I’ve typed it in before.

So up the top, you can see “colourbond versus tile roof – which is best for your home”. So this is obviously going to be some sort of blog posts based on a service they offer.

So when someone looks this up, their website will be at the top. They’ve made this content page to achieve just that.

And the reason is this is at the top is you can see its high-quality content. So the difference you’ll see here is that with these sort of pages they’re answering everything that anyone searching “colourbond verse tile roofing” will need and that’s why Google is ranking them at the top.

To compare that, lets go down to page 10 and we’ll grab the top one which says “Roofing – Colourbond” on, so we’ll grab that one. So let’s copy this link address and paste it up here.

You can see here that what they’re doing is a content page similar to what that the first one was but this one is more trying to sell. You can see products and it just doesn’t offer what the customer is searching for. That is why Google hasn’t shown them at the front. Now content pages are so important because Google sees that the depth and breadth of information that you’re providing and will rank that higher. This will help rank your whole website higher if you have good content.

So here’s a little trick if you go “” Google will display all pages on that site. Now if I take this end bit out, that’s the root domain and this will display all pages that are on If I do the same to this one on page 10 which is vertecroofing chuck them on here and then let’s go site: and then their domain.

Now if we compare them you can see that they’re pretty similar in terms of how many content pages they have which is, to be honest fairly surprising. But if we have a look page 10 for both of them and check the quality of content.

This one’s taking forever to load which is also a Google ranking factor, but when we have a look here it says ‘“roof repair Ensfield.” This is obviously a landing page that they’ve made for some location, but they offer a fair bit of information. When you click down here you can see there’s a fair bit to it and it actually isn’t a bad landing page for someone to go on especially if they’re looking up roof repair Ensfield.

Now on the next one, this one is actually a Facebook link. So a lot of these actually aren’t that great in terms of pages. And for that reason, Google doesn’t see them as highly because they’re not offering value in every single page. Causing them to be ranked lower.

So have a look at creating some content pages for your website. Make sure you create high quality and frequent blog posts. Just make sure that they are ticking all the boxes and overtime Google going to see that, they are going to see that content and start ranking your pages for it.

This will give your whole website a boost, not just those individual pages. In this case, if someone is looking up Colourbond Roofing and you were for some reason a roofing company then you will appear at the top which makes it fairly likely that your customer will click on your site. After navigating around the page they may jump around to the roof services page and find what they’re looking for and request a quote or something to that effect.

So thank you guys for listening and I hope that helps you.