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Are you ready to meet what might be the biggest SEO beast there is? Backlinks can get results I haven’t seen from any other method! And that’s saying something. We’re going to go into how you can get this beast on your side to boost your Google ranking.

If you are a visual learner feel free to jump straight to the video where I cover backlinks in just over 3 minutes (in counting). You can check that video out by clicking the video or going to

If you learn better by reading, let’s dive right into it. There are a few main metrics that determine whether a backlink will boost your ranking and by how much. These are the type of backlink (follow or no follow), the anchor text, and the metrics of the website (trust, authority, citations).

Let’s have a look at Google as an example. Their domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), citation flow (CF) and trust flow (TF) are practically perfect. A link from Google will basically give your website a double shot of coffee.

Although getting Google to link to your site is highly unlikely, getting a quality backlink a month will still improve your ranking immensely!

Anyway, try it out, grab some high-quality backlinks and boost your Google ranking. We offer high-quality backlinks from websites we build solely for you. These websites have a high TF | CF | DA and PA for those who have been paying attention. If you would like to get all the information from the video without watching it I’ve included the transcript below.


Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Beau here from SBIM. So today I’m just going to be going through backlinks and how you can use that on your website to boost your Google ranking.

So currently as you can see I’m on and this here using a tool we’ve got I’ve pulled up the backlinks that they’ve got and this is an order of priority. So which backlinks are actually benefiting them the most, all the way to which backlinks are benefiting their SEO the least. Google doesn’t really need a boost

I don’t think any of us will have any trouble finding But in theory, this is what you have to do. So here you can see, Statcounter, Wikipedia are backlinking to Google. So this here is the trust flow of these websites and that’s the citation flow. The higher these are the better the backlink and the more value going to get. You want backlinks from something that’s relevant to your industry and we’ll have a look here at an example of that.

So I just randomly searched Brisbane boats for you guys to have a look at. If I go on to our little tool and then go backlinks. Now this is some of the backlinks that they’ve got on here. You can see the top one in terms of priority is Coast Guard and for anyone in the Boating industry Coast Guard are pretty, pretty high up there. They’re very reputable and if you have a backlink from them I understand why Google has put that at the top and why it’s the highest priority.

Even in terms of trust flow and citation flow Coast Guard are a really good. So that’s why this backlink is going to be giving them a huge boost and for your website doing this sort of thing will give you a boost as well.

So start finding these leaders out there. They have Coast Guard, SCGFC which is a game fishing club. Start finding that for your own industry will really boost your SEO ranking

If we have a look one tip, I will give you before I jump out is come down the bottom here, these are things you want to avoid. These websites that have zero trust flow, no citation flow is basically seen as spam websites. They get built, nothing gets done to them, they may link back to a million different websites. There might be thousands of website links on any page.

It’s something when if you see those little pay $2 and get a thousand links scams, these are so the websites you would get. Google can see that you’ve actually paid for them. They can tell pretty easily if thousands of websites suddenly started pointing to you, all of which have no trust or citation flow. Because of that these links are just going to be bad and Google will penalise you for it.

So don’t buy those scams, make sure that all your backlinks are high-quality and that will really give you a large boosting in the Google ranking.

We actually offer an SEO service if you’re interested and that is where we build websites with high trust flow and citation flow for you. We link these to your website and that sight becomes you dedicated PBN

So if you want to get access to that service awesome, go to SBIM, if not try this tactic out and see if it can help boost your website ranking. This has been Beau and yeah thank you for listening.