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Linkedin has over 10million active users in Australia. That is 10 million potential leads that you are able to connect to and build a relationship with on one platform. Many professionals are already using this platform for lead generation to great success, shown in the fact that 59% of social media lead generation comes from Linkedin. Even better, Linkedin marketing is generally free, so make sure to include it in your marketing strategy.

This post will answer the question, “how should I market on LinkedIn effectively and efficiently?”. So here are 6 tips to get your LinkedIn lead game at its best.

1 – Utilise The 2020 Featured Section

LinkedIn has released an important 2020 update that introduced the featured section to your profile page. With this new featured section, branding yourself and your business has never been easier. You can now present content that demonstrates your knowledge and skill to prospective leads on LinkedIn. This professionality will assist you in your lead generation and networking efforts.

You can add your most successful posts, articles, links and media content to your featured section. To add a post type to your featured section, click the “Add Profile Section” tab at the top of your LinkedIn profile page. This will create a drop-down menu where you will click the featured section option and choose your desired content type. After which you simply have to choose the content that best demonstrates your skill and click “featured”. With these steps completed your lead generation will instantly improve.

2 – Research Prospective Leads

Tip number 2 is to research your prospective leads before sending them a personalised connection message. This step works twofold. It lets you confirm the relevance of the lead so you don’t waste time and it ensures your message doesn’t get seen as spam. As you can imagine, there are a lot of people trying to sell and grow their networks on LinkedIn. If you have a generic message then you won’t be able to break through the clutter and stand out as a brand. Commenting on relevant, personal details when sending them a message shows that you understand them and will help you stand out from the crowd.

3 – Be Patient

Tip number 3 is to be patient when communicating with a lead. We know it’s time-consuming and frustrating when you have a back and forth conversation that seems like it’s going nowhere. But statistics show that leads take between 5 and 12 messages before they start to connect with your business. For some leads, a relationship may only be built after more than 40 messages. Despite this, many businesses give up early in the communication process, missing out on a large portion of potential customers. With your lead generation strategy, make sure to take these statistics into account and persist with communication.

4 – Utilise Sales Navigator

Tip number 4 is to utilise the features of Sales Navigator in your lead generation strategy. So what is Sales Navigator? Sales Navigator is a professional LinkedIn feature that adds a variety of new search capabilities to your toolkit. These tools include advanced lead search, lead recommendations, saved leads, standalone sales interface, custom lead lists, accounts lists and LinkedIn insights. If you use Sales Navigator correctly you will be able to generate more warm leads, organise your lead searches and target the important decision-makers every time.

5 – Utilise InMail Features

Tip number 5 is to utilise InMail features in conjunction with Sales Navigator to improve your lead generation. InMail is another professional LinkedIn feature that comes with the Sales Navigator subscription. InMail is so important because if you find the perfect lead or even hundreds of great leads you normally need to send them a connection request before you can build a relationship. InMail allows you to skip the connection step, putting your leads further down the sales funnel before you have even started communicating.

When you are sending an InMail message to a prospective lead, one professional tip is to offer valuable information to that lead first. By providing the lead with something valuable they will form a better opinion of yourself and be more cooperative throughout your sales process. Building these close relationships where your leads perceive value in their communication with you is how you generate raving fans so remember that.

6 – Create A Seamless Transition Between Marketing Platforms

So I’ve talked a lot about how great LinkedIn is for generating leads. With 10 million users and 59% of lead generation deriving from LinkedIn you can see why so many professionals rave about it. But when you have built a relationship with a lead, you have an important decision to make. Do you continue to guide your lead through the sales funnel on LinkedIn or swap them to a different vehicle?

This question is why it is so important you build a detailed customer journey map and create a seamless transition process between platforms. That’s because LinkedIn is not as effective as other platforms such as EDM’s and websites in converting a lead to a sale, a sale to an upsell and an upsell to a raving fan. At SBIM we can’t stress the importance of this process enough. If you want an endless supply of customers, it isn’t achieved by constantly finding new customers, it’s created through an amazing marketing experience that keeps your customers coming back.

If you would like an effortless supply of leads through Linkedin and other platforms, call SBIM today. With experience in all areas of digital marketing, we can get you the leads you deserve. With more than 10years of experience and over 500 happy customers, you can rest assured knowing your SEO is in the right hands.