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If you want to improve your ranking watch the video attached. It shows how you can improve your Google ranking with just a few minutes worth of work. I know… sounds crazy but I walk you through two real-life examples, one of which is nailing it while the other website may as well be talking in a rock concert.

You should watch this video if you:

  • want to tap into the 40% of online traffic that comes through organic search
  • want a more consistent stream of traffic
  • want your website to appear on the first page
  • know that many people will change their search query before going to page 2

If you’re not a video kind of person and trust me neither am I, it’s as simple as changing your title tag, meta description and H1 tag. Check out the transcript below to get all the content without needing to watch the video.


Let’s start the year off strong by getting your website to the top of the Google ranking.

So here we’ve got title tag, meta description and H1 tags and we’re going to be looking at that for two websites. So two examples, one of which is the top example while the other one is 58th on the ranking. Let’s compare the two and see how they look. You can see here will looking at home builders in Perth.

This one here says first up, “home builders Perth” that’s in their title tag, “new homes” next in WA. Down in the meta description, they’ve got home designs and build exceptional homes, Perth and home builder of the year. Down in the H1 tag, they’ve got “Perth home builders” which is there H1 tag and that’s the only H1 tag here.

That’s perfect. That is stuffed with the keywords that they want. Because of that Google is going to show them for anyone that’s looking up Perth home builders, or in this case builders near me.

Now if we go to the second example here this guy has done a pretty shoddy job in terms of SEO.

I mean I’m sure the page looks awesome, but we’re trying to get to the top of the Google ranking and this isn’t going to do it. So you can see up here in the title tag they’ve got builders, they’ve got Perth, where’s “home”? People usually search for them interchangeably.

You don’t want to be missing out on that keyword in there. Down in the meta description again, there’s no home. No home is mentioned. Builders, design, Perth you’ve got those keywords there that’s why this is appearing at all in the search ranking.

But there’s that one keyword is missing. Then down in the H1, they’ve got no H1 at all, and that’s stuffing up their whole SEO as well.

If they put those three in there, they’d see a pretty good jump in terms of ranking. If you want to do that on your website just jump on there a couple of quick minutes and you’ll easily fix up these title description, meta description and H1 tags on your website will start appearing for those search results.

Gaining you that organic traffic. Keep an eye out we’ll send a couple more emails like this and hopefully get your website looking awesome in the new year.