Google Reviews are great for getting your business seen and for generating trust. Google Reviews boost your business in the search listing for your business’s category. Plus customers can see what people think of your business, and how you handle people who weren’t satisfied. However, you can get more value out of you Google Reviews by turning them into marketing. You can embed Google Reviews in your website, create promotional materials and look for brand ambassadors.

Using Google Reviews As Customer Testimonials On Your Website:

Placing Google Reviews on your website allows customers to see your reviews while they browse your site. People will be able to see your Google Reviews as customer testimonials, so they will like and trust your brand more. There are a couple of ways you could approach this: a tech-savvy way and a simple way. For the technical option, you can go online and find a tool that helps you embed Google Reviews on your website. Alternatively, some plugins will help you embed the reviews. For the less technical option, you could screenshot the reviews and post the pictures on your site. Out of the options, it’s worth taking the time to properly embed the reviews. Embedded reviews look more professional. However, do what you can.

Turning Google Reviews Into Marketing Materials:

If you get a beaming review, but you don’t want to just screenshot it and put it on Facebook, Google has a free service to create marketing materials for you. Google My Business offers a marketing kit that generates promotional materials from reviews. All you have to do is go to the website, enter your business name and Google will generate an example of the content material. You can modify the design and download them as a marketing kit. Whether you want a social media posts or even a printable poster, Google has you covered. They generate social posts, stickers, posters, and more.

Finding and Creating Brand Ambassadors:

Google Reviews are a good place to find people who can represent your brand. Brand ambassadors are people who love using your brand, and would proudly represent your brand for compensation or fun. Brand ambassadors can provide promotion with social media posts, blog posts, or even spoken word-of-mouth. Recruiting brand ambassadors allows you to gain trust because messaging from outside the company is trusted more than messages from within. When choosing brand ambassadors, you want to choose people who are fanatics of your brand. A good way to find people who like your business is by looking at your Google Reviews. If you find a great review from someone, and you would like them to represent your brand, reach out to them. Otherwise, you can search on social media, have an application process, or use programs that help you find people who are talking about your brand online. However, be prepared for potential rejection because not everyone will say yes.
In summary, Google Reviews can be used to market your business in a few ways. You can have customer testimonials on your website, you can create free marketing materials, or you can find brand ambassadors to represent your business. If you’re looking to get the most out off your Google Reviews, chat with the experts at SBIM today on +61 7 3325 0505 or email