New Help Desk and Ticketing System

By April 10, 2014 No Comments

On any given week the SBIM team are handling in excess of 100 client requests for updates and changes to websites, email marketing templates, social media and a host of other online marketing maintenance tasks.

Up until now these requests have predominantly been handled through emails or phone calls directly to Gary or Alex. Unfortunately tracking and processing this volume of tasks has become very inefficient and no longer manageable. So what are you going to do about it I hear you ask… Good question. Read on…

After several months of trialling a new system, we have now rolled out our SBIM Help Desk powered by Zendesk. Our help desk is also integrated with our in-house task management system that many of you will have experienced whilst working with us on web development projects. The integration between the two systems enables us to not only efficiently track your requests but also ensure they are effectively managed and completed in the quickest possible time.

To log a support, update or maintenance request go to the SBIM website and click on support or visit and submit a ticket or send an email to