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One of the new services that we’ve rolled out during 2013 has been the SBIM IT Support Help Desk. We discovered that many of our small business clients simply didn’t have any IT Support in place or they were simply looking for a new supplier without any lock in contracts.

After talking to many of our clients we discovered that most often the need for IT support was for general issues that any small business would encounter such as setting up new email addresses, creating new network users, lost data retrieval, mobile syncing and a host of other day to day matters.

So how does the SBIM Remote IT Support Service Work?

The SBIM IT support service is a user pays system where you simply pay for the time it takes for your problem to be resolved. Time is billed at $65.00 ex GST for the first 15 minutes or part thereof and then $15 per 5 minutes thereafter.

Your call to the help desk will be classified as either “Billable” or covered under a SBIM “Client SLA” (Service Level Agreement).

If your call is not related to the any of the services supplied by SBIM, you will simply receive an invoice at the end of the month for any help desk time that was used.

If your call is deemed to be related to any of the SBIM services and is covered under a SLA then there will be no charge.

To contact our IT Help Desk please phone 07 3806 0588

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