Domain Name Renewal – Be Careful

By June 17, 2014 No Comments

If you receive a letter in the mail from a company called Domain Name Group out of Melbourne – be very careful.

Even though what this company is doing is not illegal in any way, I believe it is highly immoral.

The “Scam” goes something like this:

What this mob are clearing praying on is the busy business owner doing a quick scan of the letter and thinking that their current domain name is up for renewal. Typically you would not want your domain name to expire so you pass the invoice on to accounts for payment. Nothing underhanded here right?

Wrong… If you look closer at the letter the domain registration is for a different domain extension. For example, the registration is for and not Contained in the fine print is this statement:

“This is an invitation to register – if you are not the proprietor or do not wish to register, disregard this letter…”

Now there is nothing wrong with registering a domain name. In fact we own many domain names. It is a great way of obtaining keyword rich domains and also protecting your brand by registering the close variations so your competitors can’t.

However, at $245 inc GST for two years registration the prices are enormously over priced. To give you an idea, you can currently register a domain name through SBIM and pay a grand total of $19 (Ex GST) per year.

If you would like to know more about registering or you would to register a domain name please contact us on 07 3325 0505 or send us a support ticket to

Oh… and for the record, below is an example of the letter that is sent out by Domain Name Group.

Domain Name Group