Google has given greater transparency and control over your Google Ads experience. They’ve built products and tools that make it easier for you to understand and control how ads are tailored to you. They’re also providing more transparency around why you see certain ads.

It’s now been brought together in your Google Account, the all-in-one destination for managing your personal information, privacy and security settings.

How Are Google Ads Tailored To You

There are a number of factors that determine how ads are tailored to you. For example, if you recently watched highlights from a World Cup soccer match on YouTube or searched “soccer fields near me” you might see an ad for A Grade soccer game tickets. If you’ve told Google you’re 40 years old, you would be less likely to see ads about student study abroad programs.
Find out what Google Ads knows about you

Ad Settings

The new Ad Settings shows all the different factors that determine how ads are tailored to you in one view so you can decide if there are any you want to remove.

If you no longer want to see ads tailored based on one of these factors you can choose to turn it off. The ads you will see will then be based on general factors, like the subject of the website page you’re looking at – or any of the factors you’ve left turned on.
In your Google Ads settings, you can personalise your interests

How To Access Ad Settings

For easy access to your Ad Settings, look for the “Why this ad?” feature that appears next to ads shown on Google Search results and on YouTube videos and across Google’s Display Ad network. It both helps you learn why you are seeing a certain ad and gives you gives a button that takes you straight to your Ad Settings control.

For ads in Search results, click the little arrow pointing downwards next to the website url to reveal the “Why this ad?” feature then click on the blue Ad Settings button to manage your Google Ad experience.

Use the "Why this ads?" option to determine why ads are being shown to you

Click the Google Ads Settings

For ads on YouTube or websites in the Display Network, click the information icon (small i within a circle) to reveal the “Why this ad?” feature and the link to your Ad Settings area.

You can use "Why this ad?" when watching Youtube videos as well

Click on Ad Settings in YouTube

Alternatively, you can access the Ad Settings by clicking on your avatar on any desktop browser when you’re logged if to your Google Account (eg gmail), and then clicking on the blue Google Account button. This will bring up your Google Account control interface and you can click on the Ad Settings link in the “Personal info & privacy” section.

Google Ads settings can be accessed via your Google Account as well


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