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If you’re looking to bring video into your marketing strategy, you’re off to a great start. However, you may not know where to start. There are many different ways you can use video content so it may look daunting. However, using video for marketing is a wise decision.

In 2021, it is predicted that people will spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching online videos; Up from 84 minutes in 2019. Videos are in demand! So, we’ve put together a list of a few of the many ways you can use video as part of your strategy.

6 Ways You Can Use Video In Your Marketing

1 – Product Demo Videos

Demo videos, as the name suggest, demonstrates the function of your product or service. These videos tell the customers about your product, its features, how to use it, etc.

There are several ways to approach demo videos, but essentially, you show how the product or service works. Demonstration videos are good because they break down barriers to purchase. If customers know how a product works, they’ll be less worried about their ability to use the product. They’ll also be less worried about whether or not the product can solve their problem. Plus, 74% of customers admitted to buying a product after watching a product video.

Also, when making product demo videos, it’s important to create the video from the perspective of your customer. If customers don’t feel involved in the story, they won’t be interested in your product. So, make sure the story is about them.

2 – Brand Video

Brand videos are essentially the “about us” of your videos. These videos are about your company’s story, such as your values, missions and goals. These aspects of your brand, such as values and mission, should appeal to your target audience. If customers like your brand on a personal and emotional level, they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

Also, brand videos are good for building awareness and interest with new potential customers. However, even though you’re talking about your brand, make sure to include the customers in your story.

3 – Customer Testimonials/Case Studies

Customer testimonials and case studies are great for building trust. One of the biggest challenges with marketing is getting customers to trust your brand’s messages. However, when the message is coming from someone outside the organisation, customers are more likely to trust it. 68% of consumers say they trust local businesses more if they have positive reviews. So, customer testimonials and case studies are a powerful form of trust-building content.

4 – Educational videos or Vlogs

Having regular educational videos or Vlogs ad value to your customer by going in-depth on a topic, without throwing huge paragraphs at them. These videos allow you to teach your audience about a particular topic. You choose a topic in your industry, explain it in a way that’s valuable to customers and upload it as free content for them to enjoy. These videos can be how-tos, explanations of industry topics, or any videos that teach your audience something. Ideally, you’ll be able to place your product or talk about your product in these videos.

Recent research has found 72% of people prefer to use videos to learn about a product. If you make educational videos regularly, you can build an engaged audience who are excited for more. Check out the SBIM Facebook page for examples of vlogs.

5 – Event Videos

Events present several ways to make content for your audience. If you hold an event, such as an open day, you can turn it into all sorts of videos: live-streams, behind the scenes, interviews with experts and audience members, etc. Events are a gold mine of easy content. Just keep a camera or your phone handy, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

6 – Explainer Videos

Unlike product demo videos, explainer videos show customers why they need your product, rather than how it works. Explainer videos tend to show the journey of a company’s ideal customer who is struggling with a problem. Naturally, the solution is shown to be the company’s product or service. Explainer videos help customers see themselves as the customer or see how a product relates to them. Remember to make sure the story relatable to the customer. Otherwise, they won’t see it as relevant information.

Not sure what video try will work best for your company?

Having all these options is great, but where do you start? The videos you use will depend on how many followers you have online, where your buyers are in the buying cycle, and what content you have to offer. For example, Brand, Demo and Explainer videos would be towards the start of the buying journey because they build awareness. They help make people aware of your product and the problem it solves. Once you have a good following, you may want to start using more in-depth educational videos and have more customers to ask for testimonials.

Are you still unsure? We can help you. SBIM has a proven video framework to ensure your videos are getting results. We save you time creating video content, by maximising the content you get in a single video shoot. Call us now on 07 3325 0505 to start your journey to the business of your dreams.