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How much time do you spend watching video every day? Users on Facebook consume over 100 million hours of video content a day. Video content is also expected to account for 78% of mobile data usage by 2021.

Using high-quality video on social media is now a requirement for brands. Without video, you’re missing out on engagement opportunities. Here are some tips to improve your social media video engagements:

5 Tips For Getting Social Media Video Views

1 – Always use captions

85% of users browse social media with the sound turned off, so videos can’t rely on audio. When producing videos, focus on compelling visuals and always use captions. Adding captions to your video will prevent you from missing out on engagements.

2 – Use native video uploads

It may seem tedious to upload the videos natively, but it will ensure you’re getting the best reach of your audience. Social media platform algorithms prioritise native videos over external links. So, it’s worth taking the effort to upload videos natively on each platform.

3 – Adjust the format of your videos

When you’re uploading the video natively, remember each platform has different preferred video lengths and resolutions. For example, Instagram is optimised for vertical videos (aspect ratio 4:5) that are less than 60 seconds long. Facebook, meanwhile, allows vertical and horizontal videos of up to 240 minutes long. Optimising videos for each platform is essential to get more engagements.

4 – Create copy for each platform’s audience

Users write and engage differently on each social media platform, so creating platform-specific copy will help you get more engagements. For example, Instagram and Twitter use hashtags, so make sure to incorporate them. For Facebook, you want to write stories that compel people to share the post.

If you worried about spending time writing heaps of captions, remember, you don’t have to change 100% of the copy. You only need to adjust it to suit the platform.

5 – Place Headlines On The Video Itself

Getting people to watch your video, and stop scrolling, requires catching their attention. Headlines, overlaid on the video, can be used to hook the user’s attention. A video with, “The Most Important Thing You’ll Watch Today”, overlaid on it, will catch more attention than a plain video.

If you think you need video editing skills to add headlines, don’t worry. There is a multitude of apps for adding headlines.

Still confused about how to get more views?

Even with these tips, it can still be hard to get wrap your head around using video content. Or, maybe you don’t have the time to spend on applying these tips. Whatever the case, SBIM is here to help. We can help you get the most out of your video content, to save you time and get you an endless flow of customers. Call SBIM on 07 3325 0505, or email us at