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Social Media

Social media marketing has boomed in the last couple of years with an estimated 2.3 billion users worldwide
using social media and growing daily, now is the time to join this fast growing market.

We all know that using Social Media for marketing purposes can increase your website traffic, gain attention to your brand and reach your target audience through social channels. Your customers are following and interacting with brands through social media, so having a strong online strategy and presence across social media is essential to your business growth.

The team at SBIM will help you plan and implement effective social strategies based on extensive brand and target audience analysis.  Providing your audience with original, engaging content and building relationships is key to our approach.  We can help your business, no matter what your size across a range of social media networks, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.

Whether you’re looking for organic strategy, paid or both; we can develop a strategy that works for you.  We structure our approach based on trends, strategy, analysis, constant monitoring and flawless execution.   Our experience and knowledge of the industry has given us the advantage to create a viral buzz and measurable return on your investment.

We’re here to help you and your brand grow across social media whilst maintaining an effective strategy, so you can get on with other, more important tasks. You can relax a bit more knowing your social media is in the best hands.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the Internet. As a diverse community Facebook offers numerous avenues for marketing products and services. Our knowledge lies in understanding how to best use every channel in a fiscally efficient and results driven manner for optimal performance.

From widget installations, to group promotion, page creation & promotion, text & image ads and participation marketing, we can do it all on Facebook. Previous campaigns have shown that combining different promotion methods is much more effective than isolated approaches.

The work carried out by Social Media on Facebook is a thoughtful approach that combines creative thinking, analysis, monitoring and execution. It is important to be aware of best practice guidelines to succeed. We have many years of experience working on this social network and our brand management team can deliver to exceptional standards with a guarantee of service.


LinkedIn has become an important online B2B marketing and recruitment channel. As a diverse community LinkedIn offers numerous marketing opportunities. From direct marketing to generating business leads, starting discussions around services and receiving recommendations that build your brand’s reputation, LinkedIn offers a targeted solution to B2B advertising.

The network’s targeting capabilities allow you to advertise directly to your peers and potential clients. You can select the industry, location and position seniority your message goes through, ensuring your target audience receives your post without the ‘noise’ experienced in other marketing media.

LinkedIn offers both local Australian and global advertising opportunities as it simultaneously reaches both applicants and clients. Most times you do not need a monthly subscription to succeed in marketing on this unique platform.

SBIM can help you to create professional company profiles, manage paid CPC ads, create and administer groups as well as participation marketing. It is important to be aware of guidelines and best practice to succeed.


Twitter, the fastest growing social networking service on the Internet is being successfully used as a B2B marketing channel as consumers with a wide range of interests in different industries use it. Most of all though, Twitter is a communication channel which affects brand reputation, customer relations, public image and even product design and services. Value is based on real time information to both consumers and businesses creating a free form feedback interaction channel.

SBIM can represent both individuals and companies on Twitter, in a cost efficient and results driven manner for optimal performance. We improve follower numbers, encourage interaction via participation marketing and evaluate the rate of information sharing and business results.

A thoughtful approach to creative thinking, analysis, execution and monitoring of results (click-throughs and follower numbers) will help your company reach it’s goals. It is important to be aware of best practice guidelines to succeed on Twitter.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks currently. The unique focus on high quality imagery presented by Instagram, offers multiple opportunities for marketing products and services for a variety of business sectors. Fashion and retail are currently two sectors thriving on Instagram. Our expertise is based on our knowledge on how to utilise every advertising opportunity in a cost-effective way for the best possible result for your business.

Whilst getting as many followers as possible is important on any social network, our focus lies with the relevance of the following in terms of its demographics and preferences. Highly targeted followers are likely to purchase your products or services.

It is all too easy (and against all guidelines) to buy followers, but fake profiles will not help you establish a highly engaged and revenue-generating audience.

SBIM can offer complete marketing services for Instagram. From producing high quality content such as images; tactical posting; to interacting with Instagram users and influencers. We can design and implement a strategy that has real impact on your business.

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