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Apps are more than just games, social media tools or ways to access the latest news, sports and weather.
Apps are a medium any business can leverage to make it easier and more convenient for both new and existing clients to do business with you.

Think of all the functions that your business undertakes to service your customers or bring a new customer on board.
Could this process be made easier on the customer and your business by engaging them via a purpose built mobile or web application?


The first stage of any app development is answering the big question “what’s the purpose of this app?” from both the perspective of the company and the end user. This may seem obvious at first, but it requires a detailed analysis of your target market, target market needs, competitor apps and overall market research.

This process includes closely examining your desired apps features based on what is technically possible and also new ideas that we can bring to the table. It’s at this point that we can share our experience of what works, what doesn’t work and the traps and pitfalls.


As they say, “the devil is in the detail”. This couldn’t be truer than in the app development space. It is critical to the success of your app that every single function is outlined in detail. This means putting together an interactive wireframe of your app so you can see how your app will work from a front end user perspective. The interactive nature of the wireframe enables you to experience firsthand how your users are going to be interacting with your app and how the page flow of the app is going to work. Often it is at this stage that changes to the original idea are made and additional functions or steps that may have been left out are picked up and developed further.


The goal of the design and UX (User Experience) phase is to deliver an app that is intuitive, easy to use and looks amazing. Now that the wireframe and the flow of the app has been created we then turn our focus on how to make the app stand out from other app designs within the same app-category.

We then create the design mockup where each and every page is designed with the functionality, user experience and your branding in mind. At the end of this stage you will have a pixel perfect design for each and every page that creates the completed blueprint for the app development phase.


For all aspects of the development process we rely on our project management system to guide us through the tasks required to deliver your project on time and on budget. It is this highly developed well proven process that enables us to deliver a consistently high quality project.

We develop apps for both the iOS and Android platforms with the app built in a native container which can access the device functions of both these platforms. Most apps consist of the mobile front end and an administration backend which we either build into your existing website or on a separate custom framework.


With an ever growing number of devices with different screen-sizes, OS versions and other hardware it is important to test how the app will work in all these different environments. We systematically test your application with simulation across an extensive range of mobile devices covering all the latest and most popular Android phones and older versions as well as the full range of all the Apple models.  We don’t upload your app to the AppStore or Google Play, until it has gone through this extensive testing. To track the performance of your app we implement Google Analytics and set up monitoring of your app so we are the first to know of any service issues that may crop up.

Why work with SBIM

We know from experience that some concepts look great on paper but fail to work in practice. Our extensive experience helps us avoid these pitfalls by working through a series of detailed and repeatable processes during your entire project. All our apps are custom built but created using our library of reusable code, which makes the project faster to develop and more reliable.

Our development team is not on the other side of the globe, it is right here in Brisbane. We have a team of developers who are quick to respond and happy to answer any questions or explain any of the processes during development.

Got a great idea for an app?  Need a great idea for an app?  Give us a call for an app chat.  Contact Us